How big is the sign and graphics industry?

The sign and graphics industry is a thriving industry that has seen a lot of expansion recently, with an estimated growth rate of 6.3% between 2022 and 2031. This increase doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, which makes it an ideal industry to start a business in right now.

What kind of customers will I be working with?

You will be working with customers in a wide variety of industries. From small businesses to big corporations – your customers will vary from project to project.

What will my working hours be like?

The standard working hours for most franchisees are between 8:30-5:30. However, as a business owner, you have the flexibility to adjust these hours based on your business volume and client needs. It’s not uncommon for franchisees to operate outside typical business hours, especially when collaborating with specific clients such as banks.

What will my day-to-day look like?

Your typical day will be dynamic and hands-on, particularly in the initial stages. You will be actively involved in both installations and administrative tasks such as quoting and invoicing. From client interactions to networking with local prospects, you’ll play a key role in establishing and growing your business. As you build your team, you’ll have the flexibility to shape your role according to your vision and business needs.

How many employees will I need?

To uphold the safety standards and quality of installation that True Install is renowned for, you are required to have at least one additional employee besides yourself. Most projects necessitate at least two individuals to ensure both safety and the high-quality installation that is characteristic of the True Install brand.

What is the timeline to open?

With over four decades of franchising experience, we have opening processes down to a science so you can get your business up and going within 90 days of signing the Franchise Agreement. The True Install opening process is divided into four major phases:
1. Pre-Opening Phase: During the pre-opening phase, you will undertake the steps necessary to get your True Install business up and running (obtaining licenses, permits and insurance, recruiting Team Members, ordering tools, etc.).
2. Training Phase: This is when you attend Alliance University training at the Home Office in Maryland. The Home Office Team will work with you on scheduling dates for this training. 
3. Setup: This is the time to focus your attention toward receiving your tool package, your vehicle, and preparing to introduce yourself to the prospects in your territory. 
4. Opening Assistance Week: A Home Office Team Member will work with you in the field at a pre-determined time following training. Opening assistance is designed to help ease the process of getting your True Install business up and running. 

What kind of ongoing franchise support can I count on?

You will have ongoing dedicated support across marketing, operations, sales and more from day one. Our Home Office team has over 100 members ready to provide the support you need to succeed.

Does True Install require that I have previous sign or graphics experience?

Although having previous sign and graphics experience can help, you do not need any prior experience to run a True Install franchise business. We provide you with comprehensive training and all the knowledge you need to get you started and be successful.

Are there licensing requirements to own this concept?

Requirements vary based on state, our corporate team offers support to help candidates navigate the requirements on an individual basis. Please reach out to our Development Team to understand the licensing requirements in your area.

Does True Install have exclusive territories?

True Install operates with Protected Territories rather than exclusive ones. This means you won’t find another True Install franchise awarded within your designated area, ensuring a secure market presence. Typically, a Protected Territory encompasses around 5,000 businesses, offering a substantial potential client base.
**For additional details on territorial rights, please refer to Item 12 of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

Does True Install offer a Veterans, First Responder, or DiversityFran discount?

Yes, we offer a 50% discount to first responders as well as members of VetFran and DiversityFran.

Is True Install a new brand?

Yes, we are the first and only installation concept in the sign and print industry. Our concept was tested through two licensee locations over the past three years.